0.4 PRE BETA build 0020

-TCP peers/connection (TCP0/TCP1 in cwshare.cfg) now works only with mbox peers!
-Mbox peers will have 1.00 as version number.
-Mbox peers now must be in G line in cwshare.cfg,D line stay for old gboxx peers.
-Added R option in mbox.cfg.
-Added J option in mbox.cfg. You can change J option with add.data at any time.
-Added A option in mbox.cfg , needed for QBoxHD receivers.
-Added back gboxx connection/protocol.Gboxx peers cant connect to mbox peers and vice versa!!!!
-Mbox now starts as deamon(background process).
-Fixed HD channels.
-Fixed problem with duplicate boxids, now mbox keep only boxid that has lower distance.
-Added support for AzBOX receivers(binary-> mbox_module).Dont expect mbox to work as should, because current API for AzboX receivers has restrictions regarding ECM "pids" streaming.

+many more ....