Enigma2 SifTeam 0.2.0 mod PKT beta 3.0b

Enigma2 SifTeam 0.2.0 mod PKT beta 3.0b for Ipbox 900/910HD

This image is for USB Stick. Install like prevous "PKT MOD" You can format your Usb stick in ext2 or ext3 fs (I prefer ext3 but It's only your decission) PKT panel menu is of course under "Blue Button"

What's new:
- based on New Sifteam Enigma 2 beta 0.2.0 (Thx Tideglo and other for great job)
- fixed rcS for restart Gui BUG
- added automaticly start emu after reboot/restart e2
- on PKT Update server Updated:
* Mbox to new version 0.21 ru5
* My (zbigzbig20) settings for Rotor from 28.2E to 8W (soon another update)
* Polish locale for polish users
- and few other small fixes

Thanks for PKT & Sifteam & TDT for great job