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Тема: PCEditor 1.2.49

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    Changelog PCEditor 1.2.49, 21.02.2009:
    - New: Create new database revision 1.20
    - New: Define custom telnet port
    - New: Define custom ftp port
    - New: Enter HDMI output format in Video Settings
    - New: Switch in PCEditor Settings/General for detecting Wine
    - New: Switch in receiver settings for automatic web interface login
    - New: Select additional needed DLLs for Wine during setup
    - Fixed: Wine: PCEditor can now read the channel database
    - Fixed: Wine: PCEditor can now create image backups
    - Fixed: Wine: Crash when hovering over submenu items of context menus
    - Fixed: Wine: All languages are shown correctly except Arabic and Greek
    - Fixed: Wine: Webif is working on HD receivers
    - Fixed: Selecting all satellites/transponders in NIT Edit when adding a new satellite/transponder under Wine
    - Fixed: Creating a welcome image for Relook 400s was not possible
    - Fixed: Problem adding cable and terrestrial regions when no satellites exist
    - Fixed: Sort order of favourites sometimes didn´t remain after changing it
    - Fixed: Truncating the symbol rate at KingOfSat import

    Important remarks:
    First of all I would like to thank HarryZusch for his attention, encouragement, information and support
    concerning PCEditor and Wine.

    When PCEditor is used under Wine, you need to set the automatic wine detection, otherwise PCEditor
    will behave as usual. Furthermore you need to set the option "No Ping when accessing Receiver" in
    PCEditor Settings/General. If you want to use the webif under Wine, you will have to set the automatic
    login for webif, otherwise PCEditor tries to open the webif in a separate browser. To make the automatic
    login for the webif work, PCEditor needs to apply a registry patch for the Internet explorer. If this
    registry key doesn´t exist, PCEditor asks, if it should be created. Without this registry key, automatic
    login for the webif is not possible.

    PCEditor has been tested under Wine with several distributions and several version of Wine:
    Kanotix 2007 RC7 / Wine 1.1.14
    Gentoo (stable) / Wine 1.1.12
    OpenSUSE 11.0 / Wine 1.1.14
    Kubuntu 8.04 / Wine 1.1.14

    There are still known issues concerning Wine. If you find a problem that should be fixed, please report.

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    Re: PCEditor 1.2.49

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    Наконецто с русским языком все в порядке!

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