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Тема: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

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    NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s


    After very long and hard work, especially from Deeptho and Pepijn, but
    also from our beta testers and the other developers, the NeumoTeam
    is proud to present you our latest image, version 2.13.

    Also, we thank you all for your patience, because it was waiting for
    a long time. But looking at our release notes, you will see that there
    are many improvements in this image.

    In a few weeks from now, we expect another release, to fix possible bugs
    that you could find in this image, and also to make the image up-to-date
    with the latest SQLite version. And of course, the improvements made
    by DGS in the v2.14 will also be added.

    NTSC version will follow later, after some further testing.

    ps: after flashing the image, please check if your timezone is correct.

    Image can be found here at the download section, or:

    Your feedback is welcome to make this image even better!

    Release notes:

    I: new feature or improvement
    B: bug fix
    N: Note

    Some of the bug fixes and improvements below have been incorporated
    in DGS 2.13, but many have not yet been incorporated.

    The changes are w.r.t. the previously released Neumo image (2.9a).

    Boot and shutdown
    I: cold boot speed has been improved by running operations
    in parallel where possible. You can now cold boot with 25 seconds
    and warm boot within 15s. These numbers are typical but depend
    on the spin-up speed of your hard disk.

    I: removing old EPG records is no longer done at startup time. As a
    result, all EPG screens now work immediately after startup (before
    you had to wait before something appeared on-screen)

    N: Shutdown speed has been reduced due to EPG cleaning and EPG
    cleaning now takes a lot more time because of the more efficient
    EPG code that gathers more data than before. Also dbepg.dat will
    typically grow larger than before.

    I: When pressing the power button to turn relook off, the video output
    is switched off much faster so that the regular TV picture
    appears. After the picture disappears relook continues to shut
    down. In particular, it needs some time to delete old EPG records.
    If internet EPG is in progress, shutdown will be delayed until it
    is finished. Pressing the power button during database cleaning
    will restart relook. Pressing the power button during internet EPG
    will stop relook (this behavior will be made more consist later).

    I: The filesystem of /var/media is automatically upgraded to ext3.
    As a result, the filesystem check that could take 15-20 minutes
    after a panic is now avoided in most cases. Older ext2-based images
    will still be able to access your data, but only if relook shuts down
    cleanly before you install the older image.

    I: The NeumoTeam option "Check HDD on next start" now works differently:
    When you turn it on, relook will do a long (15-30 minutes) filesystem
    check as before, but the new thing is that it turns off the option

    I: DVB EPG now gathers EPG data for all channels on the current transponder,
    and not only for the current channel.

    I: All start times are rounded to the nearest minute. This helps to
    avoid inserting records with small overlaps or duplicate records.

    I: The story window (displayed after pressing OK or info) can
    now also be hidden be pressing info again.

    I: In multichannel EPG the story window (EPG detail info) can now be
    shown by typing the info button (the OK button also works).

    I: Channel EPG has been made the default EPG because it is faster and

    I: In channel EPG, you can now type the channel number to display
    the EPG of that channel. You can press OK after the last number
    to display the result faster. As before you can press the
    "check"-button to make the channel for which EPG is displayed the
    live channel.

    I: The EPG code now gathers all data from a transponder as quickly as
    it can and only then starts to process it. If the user changes
    channel after the data has been gathered, relook will process that
    data instead of discarding it as it did before. Another advantage
    is that the EPG code works faster. The old code was sometimes so
    slow that it missed the next table in the sequence and then had to
    wait until it was transmitted again.

    I: Checking for duplicate EPG records is now faster and also more
    efficient: it results in fewer disk accesses. As a result, the
    overall CPU-usage of the EPG code has been significantly reduced.
    This should reduce some pixelation problems. Memory usage of the code
    has been reduced by 50%, leaving more space for other applications.

    B: When a commit to dbepg.dat fails, relook blocked itself from further
    accessing EPG-data effectively disabling all EPG functions until next

    I: When the EPG write thread fails to save data because the database is
    locked, the data is no longer discarded but the write is retried
    later. As a result less data is lost. A locked database occurs
    when Internet EPG is locking the database, and when the user
    executes a long-lasting EPG search.

    I: When tuning to a new channel, EPG for that channel will appear
    faster because it is now inserted in the front of the EPG write
    queue rather than at the end of the queue.

    I: Channel EPG now notices when new EPG data arrives and updates the
    screen accordingly.

    I: The EPG code has been completely rewritten. All configuration files,
    such as mhw_tp_list, have been replaced by a database table
    NITEpgInfo. Transponders listed in this table are scanned before
    all other transponders. The scan order is determined by a Priority
    column. Specific transponders can be disabled altogether by
    inserting them into NITEpgInfo and setting the EpgDisable column
    to an appropriate value. Transponders for Premiere, TPS, Digital+,
    Canaal Digitaal, TV Vlaanderen and some important German networks
    have been added.

    If for any reason NITEpgInfo is empty or contains the wrong transponders
    you will still get EPG data for your favorite channels but it will take

    I: EPG records are now updated when their story length is larger than the
    the story in the database.

    I: OTV EPG has been added. This offers up to 7 days of detailed EPG
    data on TPS. The mapping of TPS channel numbers to specific channels
    on specific transponders is stored in a database table EpgMap because
    a better solution was not available. Please note that data for some
    channels does not seem to be transmitted all the time.

    I: MHW2 has been added. This offers up to 7 days of detailed EPG
    data on most Digital+ channels (most notably not Taquilla).

    N: The DGS list EPG has been disabled since it offers less functionality
    than channel EPG.

    B: Crash in channel EPG. After pressing the "check"-button in the channel
    EPG on the current channel, relook goes to live mode. The next time
    channel EPG was activated, relook crashed. This was because channel
    EPG was not properly closed in this case.

    B: Scroll bar in channel EPG was not updated correctly.

    B: Channel EPG crashed when channel list was sorted by provider.

    B: Attempting EPG-search made relook crash.

    B: The results from the EPG search screen displayed the wrong time and
    program titles.

    B: End and start offset were sometimes added twice when editing
    recording schedules.

    B: Premiere subfeed EPG data was not gathered correctly because premiere.c
    associates the Premiere sport portal PID with Premiere direkt.

    B: Relook crashed in mhwepg.c because of a null pointer dereference.

    B: Relook crashed when EPG search returned no records.

    B: Icon for "Scroll description" showed left-right arrows instead of top/bottom.

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Channel list and channel changing
    I: Automatic channel renumbering (from DGS 2.11) has been disabled,
    since most users do not like that.

    I: Worst-case channel changing speed has been improved. Channel
    changing was sometimes blocked when the EPG code was waiting
    for a table that was never broadcast. Channel changing was also
    blocked for a long time after tuning to a channel with no signal.

    B: Relook crashed when sorting channels by sat. This was caused by
    the insertion of zero-ids during database upgrade. The code is
    now robust against such errors.

    B: On encrypted channels the "ecm_pid list is full" appears sometimes. For
    instance on TPS. Despite the error, the channel decrypts. Duplicate
    ecm_pid's are no longer registered. A warning message is displayed instead.

    B: Picture freeze. When changing channels manually, or when the
    EPG code tuned to a different transponder, picture freeze occurred
    sometimes. This bug was traced to the i2c code by NeumoTeam and
    fixed by DGS.

    B: Relook sometimes did not display a picture after a channel change. The
    audio is played fine. This has the same cause as the picture freeze

    B: When the EPG write list was full, relook locked up completely.

    B: While browsing the channel list, the application might crash
    when using page-down to go to (past) the bottom and then using up to
    move up again.

    Recordings and playback
    I: The "stop recording" GUI now shows longer channel names and it also
    includes the names and start times of the programs being recorded.
    In the old dialog sometimes two recordings could not be distinguished.

    I: The color of recordings in the record plan has been changed to
    white for improved readability.

    I: In the recording list, pressing the info button displays the
    story (if available) of the recording. This screen can now be
    removed by pressing the info button again.

    I: Relook again asks for confirmation before deleting a recording (was
    removed by DGS).

    I: The EPG record for a recording is not only stored in the database,
    but also in the filesystem. This allows media_info in db.dat to be
    recreated in case db.dat is lost.

    I: Undeletion of accidentally deleted files is made easier as follows:
    the index-file is no longer deleted but renamed and the media_info
    record of the deleted recording is saved in a table
    deleted_media_info for some time.

    You can undelete as long as you did not press the power button:
    1. rename the dead.program and dead.program.index files to their
    correct name: "mv dead.long_file_name long_file_name".
    2. copy the record from deleted_media_info to media_info using
    SQL commands.

    I: Names of recorded files now include the year in addition to month and day.

    I: When entering a new reservation or recording manually, a message box
    with the text "please wait" used to appear. The slow behavior was
    caused by the creation of a combo-box for every single channel in the
    database (radio and TV) which is very slow. Now this action only
    occurs if you change the channel of the recording or reservation.

    B: Relook crashed when pressing the info button twice to display EPG
    details during playback.

    B: When recording "until end of program", the question box ("120
    minutes or until end of program") remained on the screen.

    B: Relook did not shut down after a recording.

    B: Relook crashed when pressing the info button twice during playback of a
    recording that was made "manually" (i.e., not from an epg record).

    B: Pressing and holding the fast forward (<<) and fast rewind (>>)
    keys in time-shift or playback mode, to jump forward or backward
    only worked once until the live banner disappears.

    B: Pressing the pause and play key (which jumps to the next bookmark)
    only worked once until the live banner disappears.

    B: Recordings started via EPG or REC-button didn't end on time. Note:
    a similar (rare) bug may still be present. This part of the code
    will be rewritten in a future version to deal with other recording
    related problems.

    B: In the recording list screen, pressing the stop button should stop
    any file playback. When a recording is in progress and no file is
    being played, the stop button brought up the "stop recording" dialog,
    which does not function correctly in this case. This has been changed
    so that only playbacks are affected.

    B: In the recording list menu, pressing the lock icon and typing a
    password (0000) made relook crash.

    B: When stopping a recording manually, relook sometimes crashed while
    inserting a record into media_info.

    Live mode
    B: Live banner now shows the correct name of the program when it is being

    B: EPG display also works in banner mode 2.

    B: A message box appeared saying that the channel is scrambled appeared
    when it was not.

    B: In time-shift mode, the pause, fast forward and rewind keys now work
    correctly (see "recording and playback").

    Upgrade and software installation
    I: ipkg has been added. It will be used to install Geckow, Internet EPG,
    PHP and Perl.

    B: Image upgrade via HTTP has been supported for a while now. Virtual hosts
    are now correctly supported.

    B: Database upgrade updates sat_id's. In some cases, the new sat_id becomes
    0, leading to memory corruption. This bug helps trigger another bug that
    makes relook crash when channels are ordered by satellite.

    N: The database schema has changed. You will not be able
    to use PC editor until it supports the new schema 1.18.

    B: Entering USB-mode resulted in a panic.

    Setup and menus
    I: Time-zones are now controlled using standard Linux time-zone files.
    The time-zone is now only determined by the symbolic link
    /var/etc/localtime and is no longer also stored in the database, which
    solves the problem that some GUI screens displayed a different time than
    others in some cases and all the EPG-related problems.

    Users can select the time-zone using the local-time setup screen. Users
    in central Europe should use "CET" as the time-zone. This zone will
    automatically switch to and from daylight savings time

    The "daylight savings time" setup option has been removed since it was
    confusing should no longer be needed.

    N: It is not clear if the first recording after DST change will actually
    work. Wait and see.

    B: Relook crashes when entering USALS menu.

    B: The help line in "ipsetup" was not shown correctly after using the
    virtual keyboard from DDNS setup.

    B: The help line in "NeumoTeam Settings (HDD)" was not shown
    correctly. If you opened another menu first, you saw the help
    line of the old menu.

    B: Pressing the arrow key when the cursor was on on the last line in
    Local Time menu, the cursor didn't jump on the first line again,
    but added another Time-line to the menu.

    B: Some NeumoTeam-settings were not saved correctly: send DiseqC (never);
    use free tuner if scrambled (never); front panel display
    (sometimes); led-status in standby (sometimes).

    B: Key 0 also runs a script in addition to keys 1-9

    Front panel
    I: Accented characters in channel names such as T&#195;©va, Premi&#195;&#168;re,
    France &#195;&#180;, ... are no longer displayed as blanks on the led front
    panel, but as the corresponding non-accented characters. This
    should work for most but not all accented characters.

    B: If in NeumoTeam Settings (general) the "Front panel display" is "Channel
    number", the front panel shows the channel nr. right in live, but in
    recording mode the front panel shows "rec + channel NAME" instead of
    "rec C..." (channel-nr):

    I: Plugin menu now shows metadata (authors, description etc.).

    B: The help lines in all plugins were not displayed correctly. Some
    plugins crashed. The standard plugins Pong and Sudoku have been fixed.

    N: Related to the just mentioned bug: All plugins need to be recompiled
    because of a change in help_message.c. Otherwise they will crash.

    B: The ts_rec plugin did not work correctly because some ecm_pid's
    remained registered.

    I: The following "standard" linux configuration files have been introduced
    and the most important ones can be edited.
    /etc/hosts /etc/protocols

    I: image loading and unloading (in the gui) has been improved to be more
    robust against coding errors.

    I: dropbear uses a different random device and no longer hangs waiting
    for entropy if no keys are being pressed.

    I: nptd has been included. It can synchronize your clock very accurately.
    Make sure you use the "manual" time-setting in the relook setup menu
    when using ntpd.

    I: syslog now starts automatically on boot. The log can be read using logread.

    I: dmesg is now included to read the console log from a virtual console.

    The following bugs are fixed in the Geckow version in svn

    B: Geckow did not obey "record start offset" and "record end offset"
    (the solution is implemented in the database, not Geckow)

    B: When /var/media/video contains symlinks. Geckow does not display
    the list of recorded files.

    Improvements for developers
    I: Source can be compiled on MacOSX. Patches for this are available.

    I: Console output prompt has been changed to be less confusing
    for debuggers that interpret messages on stderr.

    I: All freed pointers are zeroed which makes it easier to detect
    memory bugs.

    I: By creating the file /var/.savelog, relook will no longer send debug
    messages to the serial console, but rather to a file in /var/media/log.
    Users without serial console should use this option to gather the
    debug messages when they experience a problem. They can then send
    them to developers

    I: [describe installation of debug version of application]

    B: Source failed to compile when HOST was set in the environment.

    Known issues (not fixed)
    B: Lip sync problems on encrypted channels.

    B: The layout of multi-channel EPG is confusing and sometimes shows programs
    at the wrong start time.

    B: In IP-Setup after changing the IP address manually the field with the
    IP address is first updated when pressing submit button. It should
    be immediately after entering a new IP.

    B: Relook crashes when the slide show reads bad data from the disk. The
    problem occurs in vid_write_mpeg_file and may be in a binary module.

    B: Softcam sometimes suddenly fails with the error "DemuxSectioncallback():
    Error - Section Filter length =0"

    B: On Filmfour, when there is a long pause in conversation the subtitle for
    the next spoken sentence sometimes appears up to 10 seconds to early. At
    a certain point it disappears again (timeout), before even the sentence
    is spoken.

    N: EPG search (e.g., yellow button in grid EPG) can take a very long time.
    There should be some way to abort the search if it takes too long.

    N: NeumoTeam auto-start time option has been removed because it
    complicated the EPG code and is now less needed because the EPG
    code works better during normal operation. An equivalent DGS option
    ("Wake up" in "User's options") can turn on your relook at a desired time.
    After you activate it, go to the "record plan" and set the duration to
    the desired value.

    This mode will allow EPG transponders to be scanned, but not in the
    same way as the deleted Neumo-code. For users with loop-though LNB's
    only some transponders will be scanned. We plan to solve this in
    a later version.

    N: Audio language should be selectable when recording.

    N: Subtitle language (or enabling/disabling subtitles) should
    be selectable when recording.

    End of the list..


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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Мужики а нельзя ли перевести все это на удобочитаемый - русский лично я из этого двойного постинга на английском ни фига не понял
    Заранее спасибо
    Relook400S+ 1.25+1.10+M.F-T-85+DiSEqC10x1- 80E-75E-53E-45E-40E-19E-13E-5E-4W-15W.&nbsp; PVR 250+1.0+DiSEqC1x4+19E-13E-5E-4W

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Софт на основе Neumo 2.13 с эмуляторами:
    Mgcamd 1.22


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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    На официальном сайте Denktenk.com размещены два файла kernel root и db (около 9 мГБ), а у вас в ссылке всего 5,7 мГб, почему. Второй вопрос - насколько этот имидж лучше и стабильнее других ? После Фантаси 2.14а во всем приходится сомневаться.

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Цитата Сообщение от janigor
    Софт на основе Neumo 2.13 с эмуляторами:
    Mgcamd 1.22

    Протестовал оба эмулятора на шаре.Все как надо Единственная просьба если это возможно добавить чтоб на экране отбражалась инфа о запуске эмулятора было бы совсем хорошо.А так все отлично
    Relook400S+ 1.25+1.10+M.F-T-85+DiSEqC10x1- 80E-75E-53E-45E-40E-19E-13E-5E-4W-15W.&nbsp; PVR 250+1.0+DiSEqC1x4+19E-13E-5E-4W

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Цитата Сообщение от jitar
    На официальном сайте Denktenk.com размещены два файла kernel root и db (около 9 мГБ), а у вас в ссылке всего 5,7 мГб, почему. Второй вопрос - насколько этот имидж лучше и стабильнее других ? После Фантаси 2.14а во всем приходится сомневаться.
    Неужели так тяжело прочитать что софт альфа версия? Естествено в ней будут глюки поэтому она альфа и есть

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Цитата Сообщение от jitar
    На официальном сайте Denktenk.com размещены два файла kernel root и db (около 9 мГБ), а у вас в ссылке всего 5,7 мГб, почему. Второй вопрос - насколько этот имидж лучше и стабильнее других ? После Фантаси 2.14а во всем приходится сомневаться.
    У нас ссылка на два варианта - с базой и без.
    А на denktenk.com оба эти файла в одном архиве.
    Насколько имидж стабильнее или лучше за сутки не скажеш.
    Изменений много и нужно время для тестирования софта.

    Поставил Nemu 2.13 - работает нормально, только в скрипте menu2.sh нужно последнюю строчку поправить.

    ln -s /var/scripts/menu3.sh /var/bin/init.d/4.1.sh
    ln -s /var/scripts/menu2.sh /var/bin/init.d/4.1.sh
    Чтобы отображалась на экране ТВ информация о запуске эмуляторов, можно в скриптах их запускающих в конце добавить строки:
    echo show_mess 2 mgcamd started > /dev/commander
    sleep 1
    соответственно с нужным текстом

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    @ janigor
    спасибо за быстрый ответ и подсказку - все получилось.Прет все как надо
    Relook400S+ 1.25+1.10+M.F-T-85+DiSEqC10x1- 80E-75E-53E-45E-40E-19E-13E-5E-4W-15W.&nbsp; PVR 250+1.0+DiSEqC1x4+19E-13E-5E-4W

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    Re: NeumoTeam 2.13 для 400s

    Подскажите, в какой последовательности надо ставить файлы kernel root и db, и как это лучше делать - через PCI editor или Flesh tools (usb)

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