Changelog PCEditor, 20.07.2009:
- Fixed: Option "Show channel numbers with leading zeros" was shown twice
- Fixed: Changing the channel name for CubeCafe receivers truncated the appropriate favourite name

PCEditor 1.2.52, 19.07.2009:
- New: Show channel numbers with leading zeros, see PCEditor Settings/General
- Fixed: Crash when loading a channel database and Ukrainian language was active
- Fixed: Crash when importing radio channels from .csv file
- Fixed: Corrupted channel database when editing channel by double click and changing channel number
- Fixed: Problem getting correct next free channel id
- Fixed: Crash when channel database lower than R8118 was loaded
- Fixed: Channel switching mode for the latest Geckow version on CubeCafe receivers works again
- Fixed: Changing channel name with in-place edit now changes appropriate favourite name
plus a few more minor fixes