release V0.89

WARNING: config file is changed a bit, now is less difficult for stupid people to configure it (i hope) and many features
are added but not completed yet

- added camd33 protocol
- added camd35 protocol
- added possibility to define .prio and SoftCam.Key file directories
- added a check on multi istances of running incubusCamd to prevent errors (i read that many people start many times
the cam and this will crash connections to servers)
- fixed cccam 2.1.2 support for check on protocol version
- now you can set priority for each provider/caid combination, by selecting if you prefer the cam will check firstly
internal emulator, card share protocol or internal card reader (not yet implemented the card reader function, it-s a future plan)
check the "check_priority" option in the config file
- now you can set card share protocol priority, check the "cs_protocol_order" option in the config file
- changed a bit the configuration file to allow you to set all protocols data inside the [Servers] section, check the config file to know more.