Для просмотра стрима с Вашего криптобокса 650 ,600, 600мини

Можно вместо него использовать

GMScreen main function is to watch TV on phone or pad from STB (Set-top box).
GMScreen auxiliary function is remote control STB(set-top box) .
In the same LAN, you can control the STB (Set-top box) with phone or pad through remote panel as real RCU, or magic touch pad. Watch wonderful programs in bedroom or washroom with phone or pad, never miss the wonderful moment. It is compatible with Cryptodroid. You can use it like Cryptodroid. Cryptodroid is also wonderful.

Important information:
The GMScreen version is 2.1.2195, It must match the STB (Set-top box) software version 1.05.12893 of the above!!!