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Тема: PKT mod 7.0 Tideglo rev 0.7.0 новый релиз ?

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    PKT mod 7.0 Tideglo rev 0.7.0 новый релиз ?

    PKT mod 7.0 Tideglo rev 0.7.0

    Zmiany Tideglo

    release 0.7.0
    - fixed mute volume on channel change
    - mute over SPDIF is now working
    - added mp4 runtime detection
    - added http mp4 streaming
    - added m2ts file
    - added stty
    - added netstat
    - added traceroute
    - added grab for GUI screenshots (it does not work with live-tv screenshots)
    - fixed many bugs on video drivers (don't remember all because most of drivers code were completly reviewed)
    - applied better quality on video drivers (IMHO now on sd channels is really better than before)
    - fixed many bugs on audio drivers (most of them on codec side)
    - fixed (??) snr/agc value on tuners (especially in the sharp tuner)
    - fixed bug on starting network at boot
    - changed bootlogo with a new default
    - reorganized general driver structures
    - fixed subtitles *.srt and *.ssa when there is '.' char in the file name
    - fixed time in the frontpanel (now should be always get the right value, with GMT offset, also at enigma2 boot)
    - fixed a bug that causes DNS to be rewritten at reboot or at network restart when dhcp is activated on the router/net (if you have dhcp activated dns will be always given by dhcp server)
    - fixed a bug that make dhcp always activated
    - fixed record from standby
    - fixed record from deep-standby
    - fixed timer bug for record scheduled events
    - fixed volume bug on web-interface
    - fixed menu factory reset (thanks skaman)
    - fixed panscan mode on almost all possible cases
    - fixed audio volume on SCART wich was lower than HDMI

    Zmiany PKT

    + rekonfiguracja domyślnych ustawień
    + ustawiono domyślny skin blackGlass-HD
    + dodane narzędzia do monitoringu temp. HDD
    + dodano Infocenter PKT (Menu->Informacja->Inf. o tunerze)
    + nowy mountmanager v0.7.2 (dynamicznie wykrywa urządzenia do zamontowania)
    + nowy emumanager v0.9.6
    + zastąpienie restartu tunera przez restart GUI po aktualizacji listy kanałow
    + poprawka dla montowania cifs
    + poprawka wizarda startowego
    + aktualizacja listy kanałów
    + aktualizacja media center
    + aktualizacja media player
    + aktualizacja fontów ->v6
    + aktualizacja spinera
    + aktualizacja plików systemowych
    + dodany plugin do zmiany spinera
    + bootloga do pobrania z pluginów

    Polish Kathi Team


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    Re: PKT mod 7.0 Tideglo rev 0.7.0 новый релиз ?

    Медиаплеер один сплошной глюк, интересно как в базовой версии от Tideglo?

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    Re: PKT mod 7.0 Tideglo rev 0.7.0 новый релиз ?

    Цитата Сообщение от jawa
    Медиаплеер один сплошной глюк, интересно как в базовой версии от Tideglo?
    Поищи здесь http://www.sateliti.info/showthread.php?t=12904

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