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Тема: PGI v0.4, Larve for IPBOX 91HD

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    PGI v0.4, Larve for IPBOX 91HD

    поставил PGI v0.4, Larve for IPBOX 91HD
    Доволен как слон. Зависания на поверхности нет!

    | PGI v0.4, Larva |

    Many thanks to uncle.f for helping to prepare this release!

    - Based on DGS 11485
    - Freezers and Pixelations on HD channels solved due to fixed drivers
    (Tested with German HD Channels)
    - Newcs, Mgcamd 1.33, Incubus and Mbox are integrated but only Newcs and Mgcamd are preconfigured.
    - Recent and stable Busybox 1.4.13 built in
    - All shell commands are working properly and the shell has a permanent history
    - Also included the editor "nano" for the console
    - Own carddriver included
    - Fixed the streaming player from sbox, encrypted channels are now supported,
    and stream quality is greatly improved
    - Changes in bootscripts to speed up boot time.
    - Scripts are on colour buttons of the RC
    - and more changes ...

    Changes since last release
    Plugins and addons:
    - Upgrade WebIf 1.4.05
    - Upgrade Favpip-plugin 2.4.1
    - Upgrade rss-plugin 0.0.2
    - Upgrade bitrate-plugin 0.0.7

    - Fix: Box doesn't panic anymore when Webif is active while box reboots
    - Changed mapping of coloured buttons: Favpip on red, yellow restarts softcam, green changes zoom
    - Included multiboot settings into image, should solve problems with booting when flashing back from e2
    - CI modules work, without extra fix, really
    - New options in boot_services.cfg
    - Replaced busybox ps with ps from procps

    - Fixed: Sound volume is not 100% after a reboot, it gets correctly remembered again
    - Fixed: Box does not crash anymore when zapping with the Simple banner enabled
    - Fixed: MP3 Player and Shoutcast plugin now also output sound over Optical(Bitstream) when started on channels with ac3 sound. (thanks to arvy)
    - Fixed: MP3 Player still works when started after running the shoutcast plugin
    - New feature: Pressing the red button in the epg list in sbox starts a IMDb plugin (already known from favpip)
    It will show information for the currently selected epg entry.
    - With the < and > buttons you can now jump between groups in the channel (satellites, provider) and favourite lists.
    - Removed all password prompts (when editing Favourites, Channels ...), it was plain annoying
    - Updated Russian and English translations (thanks to uncle.f)

    The image specific configuration files are located in /var/etc/boot_services.cfg
    Here you can choose which services get started at bootup.
    Services are for example samba, nfs, newcs, etc.
    You can also choose the default skin and softcam.

    Functions on colour buttons
    Red => Favpip
    Green => Change zoom
    Yellow => Restart softcam

    Have fun,

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    Re: PGI v0.4, Larve for IPBOX 91HD

    Есть возможность установить скин Skin: BP_DeepBlue_11485 на ПО

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