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    PCEditor 1.2.60


    Changelog PCEditor 1.2.60, 22.01.2011:
    PCEditor 1.2.60, 22.01.2011
    - New: Support for database Revision R13329
    - New: Zapping from channel list and favourite list with space key,
    see PCEditor Settings, General, Zapping on space key

    For the new database revision R13329 there now exist in contrast to the former approach at least two different database structures for the Cuberevo 250 HD/IPBox 91 HD and for the Cuberevo/IPBox 9000 HD.
    This is rather difficult and complex to manage. If your database R13329 is still not supported, please send me your specific database.

    PCEditor, 18.10.2010:
    PCEditor, 18.10.2010
    - Fixed: Crash selecting LNB Settings when using database 13226

    PCEditor 1.2.59, 17.10.2010:
    - New: Support for Cuberevo 100HD (beta)
    - New: Support for database revision R13226
    - New: Update database R11421 to R13226 (Transponders for Nilesat are not updated)
    - New: Increased the number of recently opened databases to 10
    - Fixed: Problems showing VIZYON 800HD receivers after creation
    - Fixed: Showing wrong receivers for serial upload/download
    - Fixed: Channel switching didn´t work for HD receivers

    PCEditor 1.2.58, 01.07.2010:
    - New: Schedule editor (menu tools)
    - New: Online transponder import from KingOfSat
    - New: Set maximum frequency deviation for identical transponders when importing from KingOfSat
    - New: Backup via USB device (HD receivers only)
    - New: Resize splitter panes in NIT Edit
    - Fixed: Receiver settings for VIZYON 8000 HD could not be created
    - plus a few more minor fixes

    The schedule editor supports all HD receivers as well as database revisions 1.18/1.19/1.20 from the 200s/400s and 1.22 from the latest Neumo release.

    The backup via USB device is for receivers without hard disk. As the all_noboot image is too large to fit into flash memory, it is now possible to use the USB device as a temporary storage. The backup will finally be copied to the computers hard disk. When backing up via USB device please be very patient as this can last several minutes.
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