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Тема: Einstein 1.1 final for Cubecafe 250

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    Einstein 1.1 final for Cubecafe 250


    Unofficial EDG team IMAGES



    EDG IP250 v.1.1 IMAGE
    Released 01.09.2007

    cvs : 27/05/07
    Installation: flash

    * Kernel 2.6.17 by Sandali
    * u-boot 1.2.0 by Sandali
    * new Driver 25/08/2007 by Sandali
    * Fix Display
    * Fix mID, in this version of firmware in not necessary set the mID

    *Build for ipbox by Black§kettle

    !!! EDG v.1.1 RELEASED !!!

    It lovely comes to you with 20 Fix/News:

    1-edit download links (more chars available for the textfields)

    2-devices manager: swap manager optimized
    devices manager: create swap (enigma quit before creating file)
    devices manager: string formatted fixed

    3-hdd parameters: change to the enigma config values

    4-libc.so.6: inadyn def. included

    5-autostandby/shutdown after box (unwanted) reboot (new)

    6-last used emu will start after boot

    7-crond manager (new)

    8-move var to cf fixed

    9-scce dir and link added

    10-images manager: install options selection fixed

    11-emumanager: better emu activity control, better managing of CCcam

    12-epg center (new)

    13-fix webif emumanager crash when no emu is active

    14-changes to paths setup panel

    15-fixed shortcut in si**oost setup panel

    16-services panel (new)

    17-firewall panel (iptables) (new)

    18-openvpn support (tun.ko driver) (new) (not tested)

    19-light skin check moved to skin setup

    20-system logs panel (new)


    Thanks and regards to:
    - db developers, thank you guys, keep up the game!

    ATTENTION: The EDG Epg Center comes from the special collaboration with Nemesis Project developers. Hi, hope it will continue
    или здесь

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    Re: Einstein 1.1 final for Cubecafe 250

    И чем же она хороша, в чем ее фишка?
    Кто пробовал, отзовись?
    Sezam 7900(IP250) 4W+5E+13E+75E

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