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Тема: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

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    Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s


    I: new feature or improvement
    B: bug fix
    N: Note

    Tuner support
    I: Relook now supports new tuner introduced in recent models.

    Mpeg program stream playback
    I: Relook can now play back recordings in mpeg program stream format
    (usually stored in files with .mpg extension). Simply copy the files
    to /var/media/video. Trick play (fast forward, rewind, ...) is
    currently not implemented.

    Power on/off
    I: Improved power button functionality. The button now switches
    between two states, which have the meaning ON="user wants to watch
    live" and OFF="user does not want to watch live". This is different
    from the previous meaning "user wants to turn on/off relook".

    The difference becomes important when a recording is in
    progress. In the old code, pressing the power button would pop up
    the question if the user would like to cancel the recording. In the
    new code, this question is not asked, the recording is continued,
    but picture output through scart and RF is disabled. Relook will
    switch off AFTER the recording, unless the user presses the power
    button once more. In this case, picture output on scart and RF is
    re-enabled and relook will NOT switch off after recording.

    I: The preceding explanation actually applies to the case where the
    recording started when the user was already watching some program,
    i.e., after the user pressed the power button.

    In case a recording starts when relook is off (in cold or warm
    sleep), relook will switch in but no picture will be shown through
    the scart and RF outputs, until the user presses the power button.

    If the the user state is ON, relook will never switch off when a
    recording ends.

    N: The easiest way to understand what will happen when pressing the
    power button is to pretend that relook contains two devices: a TV tuner,
    which is controlled by the power button and a recorder, which is
    controlled by a timer. The power button switches the TV tuner on
    or off. Relook is turned on when either the recorder or the TV
    tuner needs to be on. It is turned off when both the TV tuner and the
    recorder are off.

    N: Picture output though scart and RF is temporarily turned on during
    cold boot. This is a limitation of the current code.

    User preferences
    I: Previously, the relook code had three different methods for storing
    user options leading to complicated and error-prone code. Almost
    all user settings are now stored in the table "options" in the
    database, except those that are needed in /bin/init, which are
    stored in the filesystem.

    N: Because of the new options-code, many existing user settings will be
    lost when upgrading to neumoteam 2.13.6. Therefore, users should
    carefully check all settings in the menus, because many options
    will be set to their default value after upgrade.

    N: Because of the new option codes, plugins accessing old options
    will cease to function. Some minor code changes and recompilation
    are needed to make them function again. The standard plugins
    (ts_rec, mp3, sudoku, ...) and some others (spectrum analyzer)
    have been fixed.

    Users should not expect plugins compiled for other images or other
    neumoteam versions to work on neumoteam 2.13.6. Some combinations will
    work, but not all. This is nothing new: plugins have always been
    specific to the image for which they are compiled, but this time
    more plugins are affected.

    N: Your version of pc-editor must be recent enough to support the
    database version 1.20.

    B: 12/24 hours option not stored correctly.

    Language selection
    I: New language preference and audio switching code. Instead of
    selecting one default audio language, the user can now enter a list
    of up to 7 preferred languages. The first language will be
    selected if it is available, otherwise the second and so on. In
    addition to the usual languages, a number of special languages are
    available: "German 2" is the second German language choice on
    premiere, which is typically English in reality. "Secondary" is the
    second language on some digital+ channels. The special languages are
    needed because the providers do not transmit the correct languages.

    I: The new "prefer Dolby AC3" option is interpreted as follows: if it
    is set to "No" all AC3 streams will be ignored. If set to "Yes",
    AC3 audio will be used, except if another non-AC3 audio language
    with higher preference is available.

    N: The audio language preference also applies to teletext and
    subtitles, but due to lack of suitable test cases, it has not been

    N: The current audio language is recomputed after each channel change
    or when the transmitted PMT-table changes. After a PMT-change it
    can take up to 30s before the language switch occurs.

    B: Incorrect audio switching when audio pids change.

    N: Pixellation is still not completely fixed. One remaining source of
    pixellation is in the remuxer. In 2.13.5 this was minimised by
    increasing the clock speed of the on-board FPGA. As a result some
    hardware cams cease to function correctly. Also, the solution does
    not eliminate all data corruption.

    I: The data corruption is usually triggered by the epg code switching to
    certain transponders (but is not cause by the epg code!) and
    registering SI-tables on those transponders. The time during which
    SI-tables are registered is now minimized, so that the possibility
    of pixellation is limited.

    Start up and shutdown
    I: Picture on scart and RF is now switched off much sooner after
    the user presses the power button. The user can watch regular tv,
    while relook is still shutting down.

    B: Sporadic kernel crash after warm boot.

    B: /bin/relook crashes on exit. As a result, all kinds of strange
    things could happen (such as entering a cold shutdown instead of a
    warm shutdown, starting a needless factory reset, ...

    I: Epg code now exits gracefully at shutdown, reducing the likelihood
    of database corruption.

    B: Database revision checking scripts fail in the case of a
    missing database: when /var/data/dbepg.dat is missing the upgrade
    script creates an empty dbepg.dat rather than copying a clean
    one. Next it starts the database upgrade script, which fails
    because of the empty database. The same problem occurs for a
    missing db.dat/

    B: Relook crashes when an empty /var/data/db.dat is installed.

    B: Shut down in menu->usb-mode->pc-editor makes relook crash

    Stability fixes
    B: Relook crashes after pressing the info button twice in file list
    management screen.

    B: Relook crashes after running for many hours.

    B: Upgrade to sqlite3.4.1 to fix a database corruption bug.

    I: Implemented code to suspend epg parsing when memory gets too full.

    B: Fix epg code becomes inactive for a long time if transponder
    doesn't transmit tdt table.

    B: Memory leak in epg code.

    B: Fixed minor memory leak in new mhwepg2 code.

    I: Improved enforcement of memory limits in dvbepg code.

    B: Relook crashes while exiting automatic channel search.

    B: Relook crashes in channel search.

    B: Memory leaks in channel epg.

    B: Various memory leaks.

    Speed and resource usage improvements
    I: Improved channel changing speed. Channel changing was slowed down
    by saving history information, which can take a very long time when
    the database is locked for some reason. Other speed improvements have
    been made as well.

    I: Improved performance of Channel List with EPG Program Name display.

    I: Faster channel epg by avoiding duplicate database look-ups and by
    retrieving only the data that can fit on the screen.

    I: Much faster epg code due to improved database calls (50-75% faster)
    and by reducing deliberate delays in the epg write code. The size
    of the epg write queue has also been decreased which should lower
    memory fragmentation.

    Other bug fixes and improvements
    I: The option "Use free tuner if scrambled" has been replaced by
    "Dual descrambling." If the option is set to "Yes" relook will
    allow recording/watching two encrypted channels. Otherwise, when a
    user is watching a scrambled channel and a recording would start on
    another scrambled channel, relook will ask to tune the live tuner
    to the channel which is to be recorded.

    This option is needed for some CAMs which can only descramble a
    single channel.

    B: When "Use free tuner if scrambled" is "NO" (i.e., when "Dual
    Descrambling"="YES") relook sometimes asks to switch the live tuner
    to the channel to be recorded, thus ignoring the user setting.

    B: In /bin/init the code that converts the file system from ext2 to
    ext3 and the code that forces a full file system check was
    accidentally disabled.

    B: The "record end offset: was ignored when recording from live mode.

    B: Relook failed to switch to regional programming.

    B: Wrong time in epg display and on front panel after changing
    the timezone from within relook GUI.

    I: A new option "Banner auto display" controls whether or not the live
    banner appears on screen after a channel change (or when the
    broadcast PMT changes). This option does NOT affect banner display
    when pressing trick play keys (e.g., fast forward) because visual
    feedback is essential for features like fast forward.

    B: The "stop recording" dialog shows wrong program name.

    B: The svn revision number in "compile info" was wrong: it showed the
    version of the "relook_src" directory, but now it show the version
    of the most recent source file in that directory.

    B: A newly selected banner type only became active after reboot.

    B: The epg code crashed during certain operations, such as when running
    plugins. The real fix is to stop the epg code altogether in these cases,
    but until that is implemented, a workaround has now been
    implemented that should prevent all or some of the crashes.

    B: Cosmetic fixes in channel epg: long channel names overlapped with the
    date-time field. Event names sometimes extend into the thumb nail window.

    Notes for developers
    N: In the database, the audio language preference is stored as a
    string of the form "eng;ger;ger1;fre". A number behind the
    language is used to refer to a specific audio channel if there is
    more than one channel with the given language. For instance the
    first German audio stream on premiere is "ger". The second "German"
    stream is "ger1" and so on.

    N: Before 2.13.6, options were stored in three database tables:
    UserOption, options, optionInfo. The code for saving/loading the
    options was duplicated all over the place; it dealt poorly with
    database inconsistencies or non-existing options, creating the
    potential for crashes.

    The new option system stores (almost) all options in the table
    "options" as two strings: a name of a variable and its value. There
    are four different types of options: INT, STRING, CHOICE and
    FSFLAG. The options are defined in dbmgr/db_options.in, which is
    converted by a script to include/db_options_generated.h.

    INT(i1,3) means: i1 is an integer, with default value 3
    STRING(str1,"zorro"): str1 is string with default value "zorro"
    CHOICE(c1,yes,yes,no): c1 is an integer which can assume the values
    key_yes and key_no. The default value is key_yes (2nd argument).
    FSFLAG(hdd_check,"/var/.chfs",off): the hdd_check option is on if
    the file /var/.chfs exists. Otherwise it is off.

    In c-code, db_options.h should be included. This will define
    keys (e.g., key_yes and key_no) as numeric constants. All options
    are retrieved from the database using the function db_option_init.
    Individual options can be stored in or retrieved from the database
    using options_set and option_get:
    -to save an option to the database, use option_set(db,&options.str1)
    -to load an option from the database, use option_get(db,&options.str1)

    The value of an option can be accessed or changed by
    reading/setting a variable like options.c1.val. The name of an
    option can be found using a call like key_name(options.c1.val). In
    the case of a CHOICE option, there are also facilities for
    retrieving the allowed values for the option as a vector of integers.

    In case the options table in the database contains variable names which are
    not declared in db_options.in, they are simply ignored. Such values
    are currently used to lock favorite lists.

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    Кто-нибудь пробовал? Исправлены проблемы с таймером записи на винт(при нажатии на стоп зависал) ?
    Sezam 7900(IP250) 4W+5E+13E+75E

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    Я пробовал недолго.
    Проблема с 1+1 осталась - сканируется только в эдвансед режиме и не показывает

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    Пробнул - прикрутил при помощи:Neumo 2.13.6 emu install for dummies.Все камы работают стабильно без зависов.В общем не плохо
    Relook400S+ 1.25+1.10+M.F-T-85+DiSEqC10x1- 80E-75E-53E-45E-40E-19E-13E-5E-4W-15W.  PVR 250+1.0+DiSEqC1x4+19E-13E-5E-4W

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    После тестов:6588_relook-support_2.16.Откатился на Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s.На много стабильней работает аппарат.Единственно что сделал этот раз - залил папки не так как было расписанно в сопровождении к nemu for dummies- закидвать все в war/data.На оборот забросил все папки включая и keys0 в папку war. Работать начал апппарат как надо - стабильней.Все камы работают как надо короче все ОК.Да сделал еще одно изменение в папке skripts сменил файл меню8.взял из:star_mgcamd_script, и забросил со всеми причиндалами.Теперь при нажатии меню 8 присходит АУ на прмку- стар и энтавио.Проверил - работает.Как будет вести себя дальше посмотрим но пока доволен. Если ктото хочет пробнуть подвешиваю star_mgcamd_script
    Relook400S+ 1.25+1.10+M.F-T-85+DiSEqC10x1- 80E-75E-53E-45E-40E-19E-13E-5E-4W-15W.  PVR 250+1.0+DiSEqC1x4+19E-13E-5E-4W

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    Вышли модификации софта Neumo 2.13.6

    FantacyTeam 2.13.6 Neumo Edition

    PAL image, based on the Neumo 2.13.6 source

    * FantacyTeam layout
    * New subtitles layout
    * FantacyPanel on bluebutton
    * Download and install Emus in Plugins -> EMU Install
    * Download and install Norwegian DB.dat from bluebutton

    Ccam 1.7.0 included inside image, can be upgraded with the Emu Install menu, but beware that the 1.7.0 version works better than the others, so upgrade at your own risk.

    Thanx to programmers and betatesting as always!

    Relook Support 2.13.6, based on Neumo

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    Кто мне объяснит что это такое,поставил прошивку от FantacyTeam 2.13.6 Neumo Edition и столкнулся с такой ситуацией,при рестарте эму тюнер как бы подвисает и это может длится до одной минуты,тоесть при нажатие "меню+1"или"меню+2" на экране тв появляется сообщение о запуске соответствующего эму и эта надпись "висит" как я уже писал до 1мин и соответственно картинка на экране замерзает,при откатывание на софт Neumo-2.13.6 эта же процедура длится 3,5-4сек.Знакомые у кого стоит этот софт говорят что у них эта процедура длится около 4сек.От чего это происходит на моём тюнере?Флеш перед сменой имиджа я чистил путём заливки оф.прошивки relook400S_2.9_PAL после того как залил этот софт,сбросил на заводские установки и фарматнул винт.

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    Пропатченная прошивка:


    Oprava a pridanie funkcii Neumo 2.13.6.

    - chyba pri vybere volby "Zrusit" v dialogu pri zastaveni nahravania (sytem havaroval)
    - pri opatovnom stlaceni tlacitka "POWER" na DO sa obraz nastavil vzdy na 16:9, aj ked v menu bola ina volba (4:3)
    - pri vypinani IPBoxu zostal predny panel nejaku dobu prazdny, kym sa objavil cas - teraz sa objavi "POWER OFF"

    Mozno opravene (nemal som dostatok casu na testovanie, zatial OK):
    - pri vypinani zostal na prednom paneli napis "CLEAN DB" - script init "neodmontovaval" particie, len ich "premontoval" na "ro". Neumo 2.13.5 vypinal korektne, ten ale "odmontoval" particie pri vypnuti a ak sa to nepodarilo, "premontoval" ich na "ro". Po uprave: ak existuje subor /var/.unmount (vytvorit prikazom "echo > /var/.unmount"), system pri vypinani "odmontuje" particie - ako Neumo 2.13.5 - a ak neexistuje, premontuje ich na "ro" - ak povodny Neumo 2.13.16

    - takmer kompletny preklad do slovenskeho jazyka

    - osmickovy script pri vypinani

    - prikaz "zip"
    - prikaz "unzip" (napr. pre dekomprimaciu satankeybundle xx.xx.xx.tar.zip pomocou scriptu)
    - funkcia pre druhe stlacenie tlacitka "TELETEXT" - blend teletext, opatovne stlacenie - normalny teletext
    - niektore konzolove prikazy (neuvadzam)
    - volba CAM v CI menu - zatial nema funkciu (zobrazi sietove nastavenia)

    Instalacia prepise len root, nastavenia a nahravky zostanu zachovane.

    Dalsia oprava funkcii Neumo 2.13.6.

    - chyba pri rezervacii pomocou tlacitka "FILES" (nie cez EPG) na DO (v nastaveny cas sa prijimac neprepol na nastaveny kanal, ale zacal nahravat)
    - pri posune nahor alebo nadol (UP resp. DOWN na DO) v dialogu na zastavenie nahravania zmizol focus (zvyraznebie tlacitka) po stlaceni UP ak malo focus vrchne tlacitko resp. DOWN ak malo focus spodne tlacitko
    - verzia Neumo_2_13_6_slon_1_usb_kernel_root neriesila problem s vypinanim prijimaca, ked na prednom paneli zostal napis "CLEAN DB". Vo verzii Neumo_2_13_6_slon_2_usb_kernel_root vypinanie funguje spravne. Odmontovanie particii (vid popis pri Neumo_2_13_6_slon_1_usb_kernel_root) je funkcne, ale nie je potrebne. Subor /var/.unmount je mozne zmazat.
    - niektore chyby v slovenskom preklade

    Instalacia prepise len root, nastavenia a nahravky zostanu zachovane.
    Исправления и добавленные функции Neumo 2.13.6.

    - ошибка при выборе "Остановить" в диалоге при остановке записи (происходила ошибка системы)
    - при повторном нажатии кнопки "POWER" на ДУ размер экрана всегда устанавливался 16:9, даже когда в меню установлено (4:3)
    - при выключении IPBox на лицевой панели некоторое время было пусто, пока не появлялось время - сейчай будет отображаться "POWER OFF"

    - практически полный перевод на словацкий

    - восмерочный скрипт при выключении

    - команда "zip"
    - команда "unzip" (например при разархивировании satankeybundle xx.xx.xx.tar.zip при помощи скрипта)
    - функция для повторного нажатия кнопки "TELETEXT" - blend teletext, повторное нажатие - нормальный teletext
    - некоторые консольные команды
    - выбор CAM в CI menu - пока нет функции (отобразит сетевые настройки)

    Инсталляция заменит только root, настройки и записи останутся сохраненные.

    Следующая правка функций Neumo 2.13.6.

    - ошибка при резервировании при помощи клавиши "FILES" (не через EPG) на ДУ (в установленное время приемник не переключался на установленный канал, но начинал записывать)
    - при перемещении вверх или вниз (UP соотв. DOWN на ДУ) в диалоге остановки записи исчезал фокус (подсвечивание клавиши) при нажатии UP если фокус был на верхней кнопке соотв. DOWN если фокус был на нижней клавише
    - решена проблемма с выключением приемника, когда на лицевой панели оставалась надпись "CLEAN DB"
    - некоторые ошибки в словацком переводе

    Инсталляция заменит только root, настройки и записи останутся сохраненные.

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    А можно где-то в другом месте выложить. Не могу скачать оттуда
    AB IPBox 400S, Globo 6010

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    Re: Neumo 2.13.6 PAL for 400s

    На http://www.ab-forum.info нужно зарегистрироваться, чтобы скачать что-то оттуда.
    Попробую вечером на рапидшаре закинуть

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