- Updated image firmware to use latest SVN 6806 from AbCom
- Ignore existing harddrive filesystem, both ext2 and ext3 are accepted
- newcs configuration files for upper/lower/both slot are now possible to choose
- Note, if you changed default config from clean image, do not
use this option or existing configuration will be overwritten.
- all check files are now located in a seperate folder.
- samba / telnet / ssh .... are all disabled at default now, each option must be
enabled in Webif.
- ftp is kept enabled, as this is a wellknown option to transfer configurations between
pc and box.
- httpd.conf updated to include (b)C class 172 network.
- Firmware update now also from /media folder.
- all applications will close during upgrade .
- English/German/Danish webif.