How to make screenshoot from telnet? It's very simple. First you should change TV Resolution from HD (1080i 50/60 or 720p 50/60) to SD PAL. On my Panasonic Plasma I've got screen by HDMI connection on TV (SD PAL) but on some TV (LCD) it doesn't work (black screen) If everything is ok then. Open two telnet sessions. Login (root/relook) and in first session write:

сd /tmp
cat /dev/null >>sboxut
tail -f sbox_out
Now in second telnet session write:

cd /tmp
echo 'capture picture.bmp' >>sbox_in
After this connect by ftp with 9000HD and check /tmp , there should be picture.bmp file (if not write again in second session only this command: echo 'capture picture.bmp' >>sbox_in , and should be OK) Cheers

ps. This possibility is the idea @pen1010b and THx to him for that