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Тема: Эмулятор Mbox для 9000/900

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    Эмулятор Mbox для 9000/900

    Тестируется новый эмулятор для 9000/900, который работает на подобии gbox

    Here is finally completed the first part of mbox and only that part will be a tested ....
    First I added newcamd protocol so you can connect with programs that use this protocol as NewCS ....
    For more information see cwshare.txt file, otherwise C option is identical with that used by cs2gbox program ...

    Within rar file you have a few files for different CPU and choose only one you need, for win customers use mbox from win32 folder.
    To run the program using telnet to see what is happening and all who use some of resivers ,go with the command "cd" in the folder where you
    put mbox.xxx file and start from there, for example:

    cd / var / bin /

    mbox.cfg file MUST be there where mbox.xxx file is for either the win or Linux or resivers, put the other files where you want, you need to put paths within mbox.cfg file.So open the file and find T and K option ... in T you put path for the "tmp" files ,and a K option,path where is the cwshare.cfg etc ....

    For this first part of this test it is sufficiently what I have explained what to modify ....

    If you put a line in C cwshare.cfg mbox will first try to connect on newcamd server (s) and pick cards
    before to begin connecting to other gboxx server (s) / customer (s). Cards from newcamd servers you can reshare only if you connected on
    a server with PRIVATE IP addresses .. example:, 192.168.xxx.xxx, etc. .. ,
    Only from PRIVATE IP addresses I have allowed resharing cards because it is safe that these are your local card. If all go as expected mbox will begin to "hello" greetings D lines, and puts received cards in share.info file, and share.onl should be filled addresses, and of course who ON is and who is OFF of the D line.

    That means this is a part of the small test.. because the previous mbox had problems with "hello" greeting as well as with a lot of D line and share.info was once full and one moment empty :S ... and therefore I decided to coding gradually and to go part by part for fixing the code easy...

    INMPORTANT: Mbox will not reshare ECM's, CW's, you can not watch anything nor connect to cs2gbox ... Who is not bored, and no problem to tests only a small part of a mbox tak epart in the discussion and if there is any question i am here.

    How to start Mbox

    like this, its very easy

    I would do it like this

    1. go to /var/bin ( via ftp )
    2. and create there folder mbox
    3. in this folder place 3 files (mbox.cfg / cwshare.cfg i mbox.mips ( in caseuslucaju dm800 ili 7025 )
    for dm500s /dm500s+ / dm700s / 7020S / 600s put mbox.ppc
    mbox.i386 for pc-linux-server
    mbox.sh40 goes to ip9000hd or simular

    755 right dont forget

    4. cwshare.cfg ( you can use old one from gbox )
    5. and now go to telnet

    cd /
    cd var/bin/mbox
    mbox.mips (ps dm800 or 7025)

    cd /
    cd var/bin/mbox
    mbox.ppc (ps dm7020 /dm600)

    cd var/bin/mbox
    mbox.ppc (ps dm500s / dm7000 / dm500s+)

    cd /
    cd var/bin/mbox
    ./mbox.i386 (ps linux server)

    windows version i think its no heavy

    6. you got a debug file created i /var/bin/mbox
    7. post this debug log on mbox forum, delete private infos like dyndns / pass

    8. dont forget that the files are permenent in /var/bin/mbox so delete, share.info / share.onl and debug
    for those how are a littel bit advanced check mbox.cfg and you will understand everything
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    Re: Эмулятор Mbox для 9000/900

    Pаботает эта штука или нет? Кто опробывал отпишитесь пожалуйста

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