nlb8107v2 mini

include: mbox 3.10.2008 (0.4 Build 0005)
fixed: cam scripts
-----: if img file was found on usb stick, cam script closed
-----: causing freeze or no decoding
fixed: skins
fixed: /var/bin/soft reference
fixed: IP9 USB Stick setup as HDD, must be above 2GB,
------ 128MB swap is allocated.
updated: reversed to busybox from previous release DGS SVN8022.. killall did not work
updated: Multiboot is updated to support usb stick changes
updated: Full German translation update (Byti)
updated: Full Danish translation update (pen1010b)
updated: Documentation on nlb mod features.
UPDATED: Corrected header, for IP900!
Pacco has just supplied a IP900 kernel fix too.

This will fix issues with transfers of files on network to/from box.

1. copy "vsftpd.conf" to your /var/etc folder
2. Flash kernel to box
3. reboot

Instruction also in zip file.
Thanks to Pacco on Denktenk, for the fixed kernel..