CubeRevo nlb8478-910 (v1.2)
login: root
password: relook

NOTE: it seems box still freezes at first "language" selection, please just reboot and
all is ok.

Prepared by : Dexter
Release date : November 29. 2008
* added: NFS mount replacement for HDD SD media recording folder
- Read "nlb_image_features.txt" to understand how to configure NFS media folder.
* - Thanks to DGS for assistance on kernel fix.
* - HD Recordings on NFS works too, but will studder! so you are warned.
Reason - MPEG4 recording can be upto 20Mbyte/second, and network is max. 6MByte right now on ipbox.
so its never going to work with only 100Mbit network card.
- can be enabled disabled under IP9000 -> change NFS/HDD media in webif.
* updated: newcs.xml added boxkey code to support German *** cards.
* updated: NL language files (Gman2006)