CubeRevo nlb8630mini
login: root
password: relook

Prepared by : Dexter
Release date : December 16. 2008
* added: NFS mount replacement for HDD SD media recording folder
* added: - can be enabled disabled under IP9000 -> change NFS/HDD media in webif.
* - Thanks to DGS for assistance on kernel fix.
* - HD Recordings works too, but will studder! so you are warned.
* fix: NFS mount on boxes without internal hdd.
* fix: Slow NFS mount fix (thanks to semack for the help).
* added: - delay option in panel for Nagra3 cards.
* added: - Germans with nagra card should use 20 seconds and it decodes at bootup
* added: ushare for sharing through UPnP protocol (like to PS3) Thanks to Kneubi
* -----: enable/disable/restart in Webif->system options
* added: Option to run boot scripts from /var/etc in hotfix situation.
* plugins: bitrate 0.0.2 and favpip 0.7 .
* updated: newcs.xml added boxkey code to support German NDS cards.
* updated: NL language files (Gman2006)

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